Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Responsibility and sustainability: at the core of our strategy and business practices.

The principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability are reflected throughout PRISAAT’s long-standing business practices. These principles, including our shared values and ethics, guide our relationships with clients, employees, and the communities and environment in which we operate.

An organization can no longer be defined only by the quantum of its bottom line but by the way it stays profitable and yet it carries the values to return what it takes to the society for the healthier and fitter society. At PRISAAT, we directly engage with communities either to uplift the underprivileged kids or be it taking an active part in bringing smiles to distressing peoples. A team of volunteers work on plans in tandem with NGOs to ensure the effectiveness of CSR effort across the organisation.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability is integral to the way in which we have done business in the past, the way we do business today and will remain so in the future.