Key elements of PPSM

Stable Performance

PRISAAT's robust and proven processes ensure that you get highly skilled placements that integrate into your organization with minimal commotion. Our competent Account Management team and better change management controls eliminate the hurdles of managing complex deployments. We can quickly pull together onshore, near shore and offshore resources into a highly efficient team that quickly delivers short term or long term time-to-benefit windows.

Cost Effective:

Using PRISAAT's cost effective delivery model, companies are often able to reduce their employee count and related costs, such as recruitment, supervision, salary and benefits. By outsourcing a capital-intensive function, organizations also benefit from reduced equipment obsolescence and depreciation costs. Apparently, our “INCESSANT HIRING MODEL” provides opportunity to customers to try and test professional’s capabilities beforehand, thus often adding confidents to customer in minimizing the cost, ambiguity of the project deliverables.

Management Flexibility:

Many organizations choose to absorb entire teams for specific short term project delivery. Often companies do not have the bandwidth to manage the team. PRISAAT TECHNOLOGIES can help by managing part or all of your outsourced project team, with seamless integration into your existing management hierarchy and reporting lines.

Managing diverse changes:

PRISAAT stays abreast of changing technologies and is proficient in all platforms and operating systems. We're driven by quality processes and proven best practices. Our broad range of experience enables us to be an immediately productive part of your team.