PRISAAT Professional Services Model

Human resource identification and employment is a demanding process in itself and becomes all the more difficult to accomplish if entities lack the specialization. PRISAAT specializes in identifying, checking suitability and recruiting for companies that outsource their requirements. Over time we have developed expertise in the area of recruitment and are highly dedicated to provide the most effective solution for your recruitment and staffing needs. We continually strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. Our approach is to invest time to understand your recruitment objectives and after careful analysis we propose a model that is best suited to meet your organizational needs.

Typical in many organizations, the need is to manage intermittent skilled resources and gaps to deliver the services within a time frame. PRISAAT Professional Services Solutions can help smooth out challenges to find skilled professionals from the market and give your organization a fast track to fine IT talent for your immediate needs. Identifying and recruiting the right talent, is a lengthy, expensive and inefficient model for achieving business critical initiatives. Often the skills needed are hard to find experienced professionals who can hit the ground running with no training and minimal management.

Our Professional Services Team has extensive experience working with organizations worldwide, help implementing IT solutions and improving the overall performance in short turnaround time. We can bring in talented resource at a short span of time with diversified skills.

At PRISAAT, we know that the future of your business depends on being able to recruit talented and skilled professionals. Our team will help you to make the right recruitment decisions and select the right solution for your business. Our task doesn’t stop merely at the recruitment level and extends to every phase of the staffing solution

PPSM model is broadly categorized as